What’s in your tool box?

Have you ever needed a service at your home and the plumber/electrician/etc. doesn’t  have the right tool for the job? That is one way to jack up your day! It makes you wonder if he/she even knows what he is doing. Things are no different when it comes to barbering.

Anyone that has ever heard me about barbering knows that “You are only as good as your tools” is my mantra. In the world of barbering the tools for the job are your eyes, your eyes, a listening ear and a fully stocked set of reliable clippers and trimmers.  Lots of barbers ask me how I create my designs or how I get my lines so sharp and always concentrate on the tools they are using as much as the technique itself.  There is more than one way to skin a cat as the saying goes but the quickest,simplest way to do it the way I do it is to use what I use the way I do.

Once you get your line-up of tools maintain them and keep them away from your co-workers!

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