So you think you can barber?

Most of the barbers I talk to have a similar story when it comes to how they got into the business–Let’s just say a Mom and a jacked up hair cut is involved. From the point that you start cutting your own hair to the point that you are a licensed barber is different for everyone but it is well worth the trouble.

Once you become a licensed barber the possibilities are endless! Everyone has an image and we are just the people that shape that image for the public. The clientele may be a regular Joe or a mega-star but still has a barber. Platform artist,educator,instructor, competitive barber and shop owner are only a few roles you can assume after becoming a licensed barber and you can market your clientele to suit your lifestyle. But none of this is an option until you get your license!

There are pros and cons to this field like any other but if you have the skill, passion and a support system you won’t regret it.

Here are a few suggestions to start your journey in the right direction:

Set a goal: Beginning with the end in mind will keep you focused

Find a reputable barbering program: If you select cosmetology program supplement with education and mentoring if barbering will be your focal business

Get quality tools: Get in the habit of investing in your business early

Find a mentor: Find someone in the industry in the position of the goal you are shooting for and learn from them. They can keep you from a lot of pitfalls, give you short cuts and give you practical working knowledge.

Become and apprentice: Find a shop that suits your style and has a good reputation

Attend Tradeshows: Seeing industry professionals will keep you inspired and put you one step ahead of your competition

Take your test and get to work!

Now what are you waiting for?

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