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So you think you can barber?

Most of the barbers I talk to have a similar story when it comes to how they got into the business--Let's just say a Mom and a jacked up hair cut is involved. From the point that you start cutting your own hair to the point that you are a licensed barber is different for everyone but it is well worth the trouble. Once you ... More

What’s in your tool box?

Have you ever needed a service at your home and the plumber/electrician/etc. doesn't  have the right tool for the job? That is one way to jack up your day! It makes you wonder if he/she even knows what he is doing. Things are no different when it comes to barbering. Anyone that has ever heard me about barbering knows that ... More

Bronner Bros.

I'm still amazed at how great the Bronner Bros. Show was. Receiving the Top 5 Barber Award from Bronner, working on the Andis platform, networking at the Barber's roundtable and of course the barber design dvd sales made the Mid-Winter show outstanding. The Barber Battle was the icing on the cake.  DL, Joel, G-Whiz and Dug ... More